Trailer 10 x sex
trailer.jpg [jpg]
This is a short 1 mintute trailer to give you a good impression.
Click on the picture to watch it.The entire movie is 5.17 minutes.

The artist Mathilde de Vriese made this clay animation film on how you can experience sex.

"Brilliant! Explicit, sensitive and with a humor"

“It is a playful, very artistic short movie for kids from 13 up to 90 years old.
This film is a very original way to communicate feelings
and for instance can be used  to induce a discussion
on ideas, norms and values about sexuality.”

Rik van Lunsen (Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam)

The team of the department for sexuology of the AMC worked together with
Mathilde de Vriese.

Available in Dutch, Englisch, Italian, German, a.o.